Barcelona 4th December 2008 – ADELTE, has recently signed a contract with Málaga Cruceros S.A. to deliver in the spring of 2009 two additional PEGASUS Passenger Boarding Bridges for the cruise terminal ‘Estacion Maritima de Levante’ in the Port of Málaga.

Málaga’s modern cruise terminal was inaugurated almost a year ago and cruise operator Malaga Cruceros S.A. is looking back on a very successful 2008. By years end the cruise operator will have served around 270 cruise calls with an impressive total of around 335.000 passengers, a rise of 14,5% compared to 2007.

ADELTE delivered in the high peak of this summer a PEGASUS boarding bridge for the South Berth of the cruise terminal. The boarding bridge, which is connected with a fixed elevated walkway, helped to convert the South berth in a completely free zone for logistical activities and the embarkation and disembarkation of thousands of passengers into a fluent, safe and secure operation.

In the summer of 2009, the construction of the North berth will be finished and equally as with the South berth, there will be a fixed elevated walkway leading to the cruise terminal building. ADELTE will deliver for this berth two PEGASUS boarding bridges, identical to the unit installed earlier this year.

“These sophisticated boarding bridges elevate the level of customer service that Málagaport provides visiting and home based cruise lines and their passengers,” said Susana Gutierrez, general manager of Málaga ’s ‘Estación Maritima de Levante’. “And we trust that ADELTE once again will deliver the boarding bridges in-time for the next cruise season’’.

The Passenger Boarding Bridges of the PEGASUS range have an electromechanical elevation system and these bridges move on rails along the whole quay. The ‘climalit’ glazed tunnel section is one side equipped with a large, hydraulically powered, telescopic gangway to provide the link with the docking door of the cruise vessel, and on the other side equipped with a ramp to link with the elevated fixed walkway leading to the terminal building.