ADELTE Group is always focused on taking care of the environment and the health and safety of their employees, products, customers, operators and shareholders without sacrificing the high parameters of quality of our products and services.

Since its inception, the objective of ADELTE is to grow in the airport and seaport market and to base its principles on ethical respect for people and environment. Our primary goals include a continuous improvement of the technology applied to our products and achieving a high quality standard for these products as well as for our employees. Employees are therefore deeply involved in all Health, Safety & Environment Programs (HSEP) at all levels in the organization, assuring an incident and injury free workplace and an adequate protection of the environment.

ADELTE GROUP states the following principles

  • We commit to a conduct of our activities that safeguards the natural environment and endeavor to minimize the impact of it on the environment
  • We comply with the high parameters of risk management and antipollution, focused in all stages of product manufacturing and with the people involved
  • We comply with all applicable Health, Safety & Environment legislations
  • We undertake a continuous analysis and inspection of the product environment, facilities, machinery and equipment. Staff members maintain a constant feedback of the Corrective and Preventive Actions Policy
  • We inspect and evaluate individual workplaces and every stage of product manufacturing on a regular basis
  • We foster a positive Health, Safety & Environment culture throughout the organization
  • Our objective is to reduce emissions and use energy and natural resources efficiently
  • We strongly support the idea that any injury or environmental incident can be prevented
  • We ensure that appropriate training, supervision, information and resources are provided to all employees and contractors to achieve our objectives

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ADELTE Group furthermore is committed to a program of continual improvement in our performance towards the HS&E objectives and therefore this Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains appropriate to the nature of HS&E risks and impacts resulting of our various operations.