ARCOS® is an All-in-One system that provides the most comprehensive PBB operations and allows operators to control and drive PBBs autonomously & remotely from inside an airport office

ARCOS® is a system specifically designed to enable safe, fast PBB operations on a remote basis. This innovative solution allow an operator remotely connecting with one or multiple PBBs to control docking and undocking procedures, executing manoeuvres with a precision and effectiveness that has never been seen before. Furthermore, one of ARCOS®’ key features, the Smart Queue Management Module, allows the optimisation of resources during peak hours of PBB operations.

ARCOS® is a solution that represents a before and after in the handling of PBBs, impacting airport operations worldwide by maximising the efficiency of procedures, significantly reducing costs and achieving considerable improvements in docking and undocking times.

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Optimization of manpower and creating value-added job positions.


Help operators to improve docking time while avoiding the risk of misoperations that could result in aircraft damage.


Allows the optimisation of resources during peak hours of airport Passenger Boarding Bridge operations.


Robust, safe and redundant system that represents a step ahead in automation without losing control of the process.



Any airport can now implement ARCOS® and benefit from autonomously and remotely
controlled & operated Passenger Boarding Bridges

Traditionally, Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs) are manually controlled and driven physically by operators at the control desk in the cabin.

Due to rising competition over the past two decades, airports are increasingly cutting costs which results in part-time and limited period contracts for airport workers, creating high staff turnover. Consequently, it is more and more challenging to recruit new team members, including qualified PBB operators.

ARCOS® provides numerous benefits including: Reduction in staff of up to 70% and creating value-added job positions that translates into decreased staff turnover whilst maintaining knowledge and skills, and minimisation of training costs.

Furthermore, a final significant advantage of ARCOS® is that its incorporated docking assistance allow operating times to be reduced by up to 20%.


ARCOS® offers a complete vision from every point of view, which an operator needs when initiating an
operation, via a multi-camera system in its control panel. Through the PBB Docking Assistance, the operator
is able to execute docking manoeuvres with a precision and effectiveness never seen before.

ADELTE's Remote Control Operating System Components

The system is installed in any department or office of the airport terminal. It does not take up much space and neither does it require complex installation. ARCOS® can be implemented at any airport, whether PBBs are manufactured by
ADELTE or other OEM.



From the Apron to the Terminal: Total control of PBB Operations

Improved operations

Better qualified personnel leads to lower employee turnover therefore increasing collective experience of operating PBBs and reducing the cost of training new staff. The PBB Docking Assistance Module, allow operators to improve docking time by 20% while avoiding the risk of misoperations that could result in aircraft damage.

Operational cost savings

The estimated savings in operational costs (OPEX) could be more than 70%, depending on the quantity of PBBs to be operated and the type of airport operations. The estimated time for investment recovery (ROI) is less than two years.

Reliability & Safety

This is a robust, safe and redundant system that represents a step ahead in automation without losing control of the process. ARCOS® redundant security system permanently monitors key system elements that ensure its perfect operation.

Queue Management

ARCOS® includes a Smart Queue Management Module that allows optimization of resources during peak hours. In addition, the module takes into account the productivity of operators, docking times, operating errors, etc. when defining KPIs and establishing improvement processes.

Data & Video Recordings

All data collected by ARCOS®, including video recordings, are available to the airport at any time. The continous recording of the inside and outside of the PBB in each operation provides additional security on the apron and its surroundings.

Compliant product

ARCOS® has been verified by Bureau Veritas and Applus+ as compliant with Directive 2006/42/EC on Machinery, making ARCOS® a secure system with all the necessary ISO guarantees to operate PBBs remotely.

Seville AIRPORT the world’s first with ARCOS® SYSTEM

In a test phase, ARCOS® was implemented at Seville Airport in Spain with PBBs that were not designed and manufactured by ADELTE. Following the success of the test phase, ADELTE designed, manufactured and installed six new PBBs powered by ARCOS®. By centralizing PBB operations, ARCOS® is reducing operating times, saving operational costs and accurately docking and undocking PBBs in all weather conditions.

Verified product by Bureau Veritas and Applus+

Bureau Veritas Inspection and Testing has evaluated the conformity of the ADELTE REMOTE OPERATING CONTROL SYSTEM, in accordance with Directive 2006/42 on Machines, without this implying its performance as a “Notified Body”. This machine is not listed in annex IV of this directive.


ADELTE’s expert project managers and integration specialists
will ensure the smooth and timely launch of ARCOS®,
100% tailored to the needs and layout of your airport.

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