Cruise Gate Hamburg Terminaleigentumsgesellschaft (CGH), a subsidiary of Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), built in cooperation with Hamburg Airport the new cruise terminal “Cruise Center Steinwerder” and contracted ADELTE to design, manufacture and install two state-of-the-art HYDRA-model Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges. The new Cruise Terminal is able to accommodate new generation cruise vessels and has one building for arriving and one building for departing passengers, both connected to ADELTE’s SPBBs which guaranty flexible and fast embarking and disembarking operations for 8.000 cruise guests a day.

The two custom-designed SPBBs include all the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology patented by ADELTE, ensuring optimum operating efficiency and total safety and comfort for passengers, including those with reduced mobility. The HYDRA SPBBs are equipped with an innovative feature patented by ADELTE: a docking ramp which allows embarkation and disembarkation to cruise ships doors below quay level.

Hamburg, Germany

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