Barcelona, 1st February – Almost 4 billion people are expected to fly in 2017. With an increase in the number of passengers over the last few years the expectations for comfort have also risen. Pre Conditioned Air Units are designed to provide a superior passenger experience. There are ground support equipment specially designed for heating and cooling planes in all climatic conditions with high quality air.

“Using PCA is a win win solution for all: Passengers, Airlines , Airports and the environment. Airline can save tremendous amount of money hundreds of thousands of Euros fleet wide on annual basis.
Airport will benefit from quick return on investment after three to four years by charging as little as 40€ an hour for narrow body aircraft other airports charging even more.”
says Marc Flamme, Aircraft Ground Servicing Manager at ADELTE.

With almost two hundred airports worldwide aiming to reduce carbon emissions, PCAs play here a significant role.

“PCA allows parked aircraft to benefit from heating and cooling using dedicated ground based system instead of Aircraft Auxilary Power Unit running on fuel and does help reduce related carbon footprint”. says Marina Bylinski, Environmental Strategy & Intermodality Manager at ACI Europe.

The passenger experience depends greatly on the temperature inside the plane once it is stationed.

“Even with the slight increase of temperature by 2 degrees inside the cabin combined with the increase of humidity the passengers will feel uncomfortable very quickly. The solution that ADELTE came up with that we call Full Inverter technology enables a fine regulation of the PCA performance substantially reducing electric power consumption”. says Marc Flamme.

It´s good for the environment, it´s profitable for the airports and airlines. This is reason enough for most airports to provide Preconditioned Air Units solutions.