Barcelona, 21st June 2007 – ADELTE, a world leading engineering and manufacturing company of products and services to airport and seaport terminals, has recently been contracted by Incheon International Airport to deliver and install 30 potable water systems.

These systems, which derives its water supply from the terminal building, will be attached externally to the passenger boarding bridges and provide airplanes with potable water. ADELTE will deliver and supervise the installation of these systems.

ADELTE’s potable water systems are manufactured in stainless steel and have an integrated electrical power system. Additional features of these systems are a quantity indicating meter, allowing perfect measurement of the volumes of water used by airplanes, and an integrated automatic water retraction device which prevents the storage of water in the system when it is not utilized.

ADELTE has delivered potable water systems to the airports of Venice, Palermo, Rome, Milan and Bergamo in Italy and to Adelaide Airport in Australia. The installation at Incheon International Airport is to be completed by the end of October this year.