The flexible and consistent way to supply
potable water to stationed aircraft

FONTUS is a Potable Water Supply System providing reliability and consistency in the supply of quality water to stationed aircraft in all climate conditions.

Designed for ergonomic and effortless handling of up to 164 feet of hose, making the service faster and more user-friendly than with any other conventional equipment. The electric roll and unroll system is remotely controlled. The cabinet is also isulated, equipped with an anti-freeze system, and a heating resistor for cold weather. An additional outlet enables connection for water recirculation, preventing the formation of bacteria in high-temperature conditions. Also included is a 50 micron filter hosing and backflow preventer.

Adaptable / Flexible
Adaptable / Flexible

Multiple bridge or ground mounting configurations are available for flexibility of use with any PBB or apron specification.

High-Quality Water
High-Quality Water

Prevents the formation of bacteria in high-temperature conditions. The food quality hose complies with European Directive 2007/19/EC.

All Climate Design
All climate design

FONTUS is designed to be used in all climate conditions with working temperatures ranging from -20ºC to +60ºC.

Easy-access Design
Easy-access design

A double-hinged door provides direct access to all components inside the FONTUS for easy operation and maintenance tasks

Potable Water Supply System Components

ADELTE’s FONTUS unit is easily mounted onto Passenger Boarding Bridges, supporting the ‘one-pit-stop’
philosophy for servicing potable water to aircrafts

1.415 mm
800 mm
1.024 mm
500 kg.dry
Constructed in glas fiber with insulated wall, with removable top for easy maintenance (A316 stainless steel available)
Hose reel with 164 feet of 3/4 inch FDA-approved PVC hose with 3/4 inch aircraft Power Water connector with dust cup, a 3/4 inch ball valve and a rubber hose stop
50 micron filter with backflow preventer and pressure regulator with a pressure gauge
230VAC / 50-60Hz and 24 VDC for control
Working temperature:
-20ºC / +40ºC

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