ADELTE Passenger Boarding Bridges were supplied on a single occasion to the Málaga Airport in Spain. The agreement was signed in December 1990, with passenger boarding bridge installation carried out in September 1991 and commissioning taking place in November of the same year.

The solution provided to the Málaga Airport consisted of 14 passenger boarding bridges for aircraft access of the Apron Drive 2C and 3C-type (with two or three increasing bodies) and 14 fixed bridges equipped with a built-in air conditioning unit. The passenger boarding bridges feature a smooth exterior finish with round corners and stainless steel guides and are secured by means of a concrete foundation. In addition, they are equipped with two air conditioning units for passenger boarding bridges, preinstallation for an optional 400-Hz power supply, a 400-Hz cable retriever and lower support for services (PBB and 400 Hz). The traction and lifting mechanisms are electromechanically operated, with the traction mechanism consisting of a compact unit mounted on the drive axle structure.

Málaga, Spain

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