Barcelona, 6th of March 2013 – The largest French airport in the region of Aquitaine, which sees almost 4 million passengers each year, is updating its facilities to improve both traveler experience and aircraft services. The boarding bridges are a key part of this improvement and the old Passenger Boarding Bridges will therefore be replaced by ADELTE’s innovative Apron Drive bridges.

The PBBs will be designed in the company’s engineering centre based in Barcelona and manufactured in their facilities in Monzón (Huesca). The two new bridges will be units consisting of three crescent sections with an electromechanical mechanism for traction and lifting.

ADELTE’s exclusive design perfectly meets the highest standards and demands of a wide range of aircrafts, airline companies, and regional, busy and rapidly-growing airports. It offers the latest technological innovations in addition to significant improvements, including the new cabin, which provides a larger and brighter space for passengers to pass through with ease and comfort; more responsive and precise driving technology; and a traction and lifting mechanism that offers better efficiency and easy access for maintenance work. Needless to say, it offers maximum safety for both passengers and operators.

“Our clients trust in ADELTE not only for the versatility, flexibility and efficiency of our equipment, but also for the wide range of airport services and solutions that we can offer them and which are completely adapted to their specific needs”, Jordi Floreta, Managing Director of ADELTE.

ADELTE’s range of airport products and solutions include: Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs); Ground Support Equipment (GSE); maintenance, repair and training services; the APRONAUT docking simulator; and baggage carts and their SERVIKART management system.