Barcelona, 3rd of December 2012 – AENA Aeropuertos, the world’s leading airport operator in terms of passenger numbers chose ADELTE to supply its new generation Apron Drive Passenger Boarding Bridgess in Valencia (Spain), where the number of annual travelers is expected to increase from 7 to 15 million over the next few years. The PBBs are successfully operating at gates E16 and F17.

Innovative design

The unique design of ADELTE’s Apron Drive is specially adapted to meet the demands of  a wide range of aircrafts, airline companies, and regional and busy, rapidly-growing airports. It offers the latest technology  innovations in addition to significant improvements, including the new cabin,  which provides a larger and brighter space for passengers to pass through with ease and comfort; more responsive and precise driving technology; and a traction and lifting mechanism that offers better efficiency and very easy access for maintenance work.

“This cutting-edge design has given rise to probably the most advanced and versatile PBB currently available on the market” comments Jordi Floreta, Vice President & Managing Director at ADELTE.

Valencia Airport PBB and GSE solutions

ADELTE’s PBBs operating in Valencia are glass-sided units with two crescent sections and use an electromechanical lifting and traction mechanism. According to AENA’s requirements, their specific operating length ranges from 26.75m to 43.25m with a docking height of 1.88m to 5.30m. ADELTE’s new Rooftop air conditioner units guarantee the ideal temperature inside the tunnels, ensuring maximum comfort for travelers at all times.

In addition, each PBB is equipped with ADELTE’s advanced Ground Support Equipment (GSE) designed to significantly enhance operational performance on the ramp and around the Passenger Boarding Bridge. ADELTE’s exclusive GSE includes:

– A Zephir 25TN pre-conditioned air unit (PCA) specially designed for heating and cooling stationary aircraft in all climatic conditions

– An Aeolus hose which connects the Zephir PCA unit directly to the stationary aircraft and provides a continuous supply of clean pre-conditioned air

– A Consus auxiliary hose trolley system for the supply of pre-conditioned air to specific aircraft such as the MD-80

– A 400hz 90kVA / 28VDC Power Unit

Finally, ADELTE has installed an innovative underground system. This new concept enables GSE solutions to be used independently of the Apron Drive. As a result, even airlines which do not require the use of the PBB can easily be supplied with external power and pre-conditioned air.

Versatility, flexibility and efficiency are now a reality on the Valencian apron.

A complete range of airport solutions

Along with the PBB and GSE ranges, ADELTE offers unique airport solutions. ADELTE’s Passenger Terminal Solutions take airport operations to the next level, bringing smart technology to the challenge of running busy airport terminals. These patented solutions include APRONAUT, the first PBB Docking Simulator, and SERVIKART, the most advanced Baggage Cart Management System available.

With its new Apron Drive design, innovative GSE and smart Passenger Terminal Solutions, ADELTE is setting high standards, not only in design, aesthetics, safety, reliability and comfort, but also in operation efficiency and maintenance services.