ADELTE Group and all its companies are committed to environmental sustainability, not only from the perspective of responsibility or as a mechanism to manage certain types of risks and waste more efficiently, but also as a sustainable business model.

Our priority in environmental matters is to minimize the negative impacts of our activities on the environment, focusing our actions on preventing spills, optimizing resource consumption, and minimizing, segregating and properly managing waste.

As established by our ISO 14001 environmental management certificate, ADELTE is committed to the sustainable development of the society, reporting each year quantifiable results such as the consumption of natural materials, waste or CO2 emissions.

During 2018 the electricity consumption was 1637 kWh per worker and in 2019 it was 1284.23 kWh. Therefore, we are pleased to communicate that we have achieved the goal of reducing during 2019 the electricity consumption of each worker by 21.56% compared to the previous year, which means avoiding the emission of 123.6 kg CO2 into the atmosphere.

Congratulations to all for your effort and awareness in respecting the environment!