Barcelona, Spain, April 30th, 2008 – ADELTE, the world leading designer and manufacturer of sophisticated passenger boarding bridges for cruise and ferry terminals has recently been awarded a contract by Venezia Terminal Passeggeri S.p.A. to design, manufacture and deliver by March 2009 a moveable and modern passenger boarding bridge (PBB) of the HYDRA range to service the new cruise terminal building, currently in construction, on the Banchina Isonzo quay, in the Port of Venice, Italy.

Only two weeks ago Venezia Terminal Passeggeri successfully inaugurated the HYDRA PBB on the Tagliamento quay during the maiden cruise call of the MSC Poesia. The design, construction and installation of this PBB was awarded to ADELTE last September. In October 2007, ADELTE also received a contract to modify and technically upgrade the passenger boarding structure which has been serving the cruise terminal on the Tagliamento quay for more than 12 years.

The new contract signed by Venezia Terminal Passeggeri and ADELTE is for the design, manufacture and installation of another HYDRA PBB, which will serve at the new cruise terminal facility on the Isonzo quay, currently in construction. The new contract includes the option for a third HYDRA PBB in the near future.

In the design parameters for the PBB set out by Venezia Terminal Passeggeri S.p.A., the capability to move along the whole quay is a crucial factor. Another very important feature is the adaptability of the PBB to connect with the entrance of the terminal and the various entrances of the cruise ships. The cabin of the PBB is equipped with a uniquely integrated hydraulic, telescopic, docking ramp that, when attached to the side of a cruise ship automatically follows the vessel’s movements and will immediately undock in the event of an emergency. The clearance under the PBB allows continuous truck, equipment and supplies traffic on the quayside. ADELTE’s PBB can serve any cruise ship calling on the port and is compliant with international safety and security standards.

Graziano Cosmo, General Manager of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri S.p.A., said: “We are very pleased to have finished the first step in the modernization process of our passenger boarding facilities and we have received numerous compliments from our clients, the cruise companies, and their guests. We are therefore looking forward to the next step in which the new cruise terminal on the Isonzo quay will be inaugurated with a modern, convenient and comfortable passenger boarding bridge provided by ADELTE”

After installation of this newly contracted HYDRA Passenger Boarding Bridge, ADELTE will have a total of four new PBBs and one upgraded boarding facility delivered to cruise ports in Italy (Venice and Savona) and a total of seventeen PBBs of the HYDRA range (out of a current total of forty-three PBBs) to cruise and ferry terminals all over the world.