Carnival Corp. signed a 20-year contract with the Port Authority of Puerto Rico to extend the cruise line’s presence on the island. As part of the deal, Carnival upgraded the cruise terminal on Pier 1, situated at the North shore of the harbour, in the Old San Juan waterfront. ADELTE was contracted to design and construct a large passenger boarding bridge which would facilitate a smooth embarkation / disembarkation through the upper level of the terminal and via a diverse range of entrances of Carnival’s cruise vessels. This proyect was ADELTE’s first challenging assignment for an American/Caribbean port.
Passenger boarding bridge with two cabins and two telescopic glazed tunnels, able to reach a total length of 70 metres. The bridge is equipped with three electromechanical elevation systems on three supporting structures to maximize the slope of the tunnels. The cabin can turn 180 degrees to serve the vessel or terminal. The bridge is specially designed to facilitate all of Carnival’s Cruise ships, while meeting all required safety standards and complying with ADA and NFPA regulations.
San Juan de Puerto Rico, USA

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