The Hong Kong Government awarded ADELTE a contract to design, manufacture and supply five HYDRA Passenger Boarding Bridges for the new Kai Tak International Cruise Terminal, designed by architect Norman Foster. These PBBs are the world’s most innovative and largest ever constructed. Each unit is equipped with five large tunnel sections which allow the operators to service all the existing and new mega cruise vessels. Innovative are the solar panels attached to the PBBs which provide energy for exterior lightening of these systems. The PBBs were assembled in Barcelona and the first three units transported to Hong Kong, in time for the opening of the new cruise facility.
The five Passenger Boarding Bridges with five large tunnel sections are equipped with the latest technology available. The cabins of the PBBs are equipped with a unique integrated hydraulic, telescopic, docking ramp that automatically follows the vessel’s movement and will safely undock in the event of an emergency. ADELTE integrated solar panels to the PBBs, destined to deliver energy for the exterior lighting of the systems.
Hong Kong, China

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