Barcelona, 6th March 2009 – ADELTE has recently been awarded a contract by Marseille-Provence Cruise Terminal (MPCT) to design, manufacture and deliver this year at the Gare Maritime du Croisiere du Mole Leon Gourret, two mobile Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs) of the HYDRA range.

MPCT, which is co-operated by Costa Crociere, MSC Cruises and Louis Cruises is currently upgrading their passenger access facilities at the cruise terminal on the Leon Gourret Pier and have contracted the architects of Genoa-based Studio Vicini to lead this project which includes the construction of fixed elevated walkways leading from the cruise terminal building to the pier. After completion of these walkways, ADELTE will install the ordered couple of Passenger Boarding Bridges, symmetrically on the site. The boarding bridges will allow embarkation and disembarkation in a secure and safe manner, unaffected by weather conditions or tidal ranges.

‘’We are very pleased to provide our Passenger Boarding Bridges at the state-of-the-art cruise terminal in Marseille’’, said Henri Rouanet, Commercial Director Southern Europe of ADELTE. Rouanet added: ’’This order means that we will install our PBBs for the first time at a French seaport and we are looking forward to increase our services at Marseille and other ports in France in the future’’ .

In the design parameters for the PBB set out by MPCT, the capability for the two bridges to move along the quay is an important factor. Another important feature is the adaptability of the PBBs to connect with the elevated walkway and the various entrances of the cruise ships. The cabin of the PBB is equipped with a uniquely integrated hydraulic, telescopic, docking ramp that, when attached to the side of a cruise ship automatically follows the vessel’s movements and will immediately undock in the event of an emergency. The clearance under the PBB allows continuous truck, equipment and supplies traffic on the quayside. ADELTE’s PBB can serve any cruise ship calling on the port and is compliant with international safety and security standards.