Barcelona, 19th of June 2014 – The port of Leixões, beside the city of Porto, wants to boost its cruise passenger activity and is currently building some spectacular infrastructures which include a new terminal, a 340-metre dock, and a marina.

The Administracao dos Portos do Douro e Leixoes (APDL), the port authority for the port of Leixões, will offer cruise passengers first-rate services with the construction of a new, ultra-modern building in the shape of a boat hull, and has contracted ADELTE to handle the design, manufacture and installation of an innovative, HYDRA-model boarding bridge (SPPB).

Consisting of two tunnels, each measuring 26 metres in length and with a state-of-the-art docking cabin capable of serving mega cruise ships at dock level, the first SPBB in the port of Leixões will be able to service vessels up to 300m in length by the end of 2014.

An interesting design feature of the new HYDRA is that a mobile access ramp can be coupled directly to the connecting module of the bridge.

As with every project undertaken by ADELTE, this new fully custom-designed Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge will include cutting-edge technology patented by ADELTE, ensuring optimum operating efficiency and total comfort and safety for passengers, including those with reduced mobility.

The most recent project with a HYDRA boarding bridge was delivered this May to Costa Crociere for their new terminal in the Italian port of Savona.

ADELTE’s range of boarding bridges consists of seven base models and covers all the configurations and needs of cruise and ferry terminals worldwide.