Sydney Ports Corporation selected ADELTE to design, manufacture and install two Passenger Boarding Bridges of the KRONUS range for the new White Bay Cruise Passenger Terminal. The new cruise terminal where ADELTE’s PBBs will be installed is currently in construction. Each PBB is air-conditioned and features an electro-mechanical driving and an electro-mechanical lifting system to reach the required highest and lowest elevations and match up with ship shell doors of a variety of cruise ships.
The two PBBs are movable and extendable in order to reach multiple docking positions along the berth. Each PBB is equipped with two glass mounted telescopic tunnels, allowing an extension up to 42.5 meters. The cabin of the PBB will be equipped with a uniquely integrated hydraulic telescopic docking ramp that follows the vessel’s movements and will safely undock in case of an emergency. The PBB is completed with a fixed bridge, a rotunda and an elevation frame with radial wheels that enables the PBB to reach its different positions at the wharf. Each PBB will be equipped with a monitoring system, which can be screened at the same control room. ADELTE PBBs comply with all international safety and security standards.
Sydney, Australia

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