The Queen Elisabeth II terminal was one ABP’s improvement projects in the Port of Southampton. This refurbished terminal would become the base for Cunard’s Queen Mary II. Following up on the successful project development of the passenger boarding bridge installation at the Mayflower Terminal, ADELTE was also asked to design and deliver a passenger boarding bridge that could be installed on the wharf, but now perpendicular to the vessel.
One double glazed passenger boarding bridge of the 3-tunnel Apron Drive increasing section type. The bridge is in a rectangular shape with steel guides for tunnel guidance and is extendable up to 13 metres length. The bridge is completed by the movable rotunda, the support column, the elevation frame with radial wheels, cabin and the connecting telescopic docking ramp. This construction has been especially designed to serve the largest cruise ship at that time, Cunard’s Queen Mary II.
Southampton, UK

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