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We signed a contract with The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Reunion in November 1997, for the supply of six passenger boarding bridges for the airport of Roland Garros-Saint Denis in Reunion (France). Four of these units were delivered in July of 1999 and the other two units in June of 2001.
Six passenger boarding bridges were delivered, Apron Drive glass – sided, two – section increasing units in two different models: 5 units of the model PTT-230/350-2DA and 1 unit of the model PTT-265/410-2DA. All of these units have totally glass – sided exteriors, with blunt edges and stainless steel guide tracks. Their interior is equipped with Alto flooring, fluorescent lighting, air conditioning and stainless steel guide tracks in the lower corners. The boarding units also come with a cyclone wind docking system in case of hurricane – force winds, a continuous power supply system and an optical guidance system for semi – automatic docking. In 2001, and based on the option contracted with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of la Reunion, the installation of two additional passenger boarding bridges was confirmed for the same airport.
Reunion, France

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