About the project

In 2001, the Lidosta Riga Airport in the city of Riga, the capital of Latvia, received the delivery of five passenger boarding bridges. These were two types of glass sided models, three of model type PTT-180/295-2CA and two of type PTT-190/315-2CA.
The passenger boarding bridges supplied have a glass sided exterior finish, rounded edges and stainless steel guide tracks. Their interiors have rubber covered flooring, fluorescent lighting, ventilation equipment and stainless steel lower corner guide tracks. Also five units of the automatic docking optical guidance system have been installed, with Artificial Vision technology (VDGS), the supply of air conditioning for docked aircraft, 400 Hz equipment, cable rewind, cable and lower support for 400 Hz services. The traction and lifting mechanism is activated electromechanically, the minimum docking height is 1.6 meters, the power supply system is continuous and the unit is complemented with a control stand heating system.
Riga, Latvija

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