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Due to the increasing number of cruise ships visiting the port, Venezia Terminal Passegeri S.p.A initiated a process of expansion and modernization of their terminal facilities. ADELTE was contracted to design and deliver a passenger boarding bridge for the cruise terminal on the Tagliamento quay, capable to move along the whole quay with a total length of 430 meters. Single structure movable passenger boarding bridge configured parallel to the ship. Includes glass mounted tunnels, either in a U or Z shape, allowing access from a terminal to a vessel (and vice versa) and equipped with lifting frames which allow the cabin to service various heights and horizontal locations of ship doors whilst maintaining the inclination of the tunnels within the established range. The clearance under the passenger boarding bridge will allow for continuous truck, equipment and supplies traffic on the quayside. The boarding bridge moves along the wharf by means of rails and solid bogies, can serve any cruise ship calling on the port and is compliant with international safety and security standards.

Venice, Italy

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