Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) and Ullapool Harbour Trust upgraded the ferry terminal facilities in the harbour of Ullapool (Scotland) and awarded ADELTE a contract to supply a THALASSA Passenger Boarding Bridge. The new SPBB has the ability to serve at dock level, absorb big tidal variations and operate with very strong service winds. It is also the first unit equipped with a wind turbine which supplies energy to the outer lights.

This THALASSA passenger boarding bridge is one of the most technologically advanced of this type ever developed by ADELTE. It comes as the exceptional response to multiple design constraints like a large service range, major tides, complex port logistics, harsh winds and severe limitations on the magnitude and position of the loads imposed on the berth. The THALASSA developed by ADELTE perfectly adapts to all the constraints providing additional features to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers and operators and also improves the energy efficiency of the system.
Ullapool, UK

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