Ports de Balears contracted ADELTE to deliver two mobile PBBs for the new Ferry Terminal in the Port of Alcudia (Mallorca, Spain). The PEGASUS boarding bridges are located on the Poniente and Ribera docks and are connected with a fixed elevated passenger walkways leading to the terminal building.
The PEGASUS PBBs, equipped with of solid rubber tires and motor driven, can move, GPS guided, along the docks. Electro-mechanically powered elevation systems allow the PBB to connect with ferry vessel entry doors at various levels. The PBBs will be half enclosed with glass mounted tunnel sections facilitating natural air conditioning. One of the unique features of this type of PBB is the integrated electro- mechanically powered telescopic ramp at the seaside cabin. Attached to the passenger ship door at seaside, the docking ramp automatically follows the vessel’s movements and will immediately undock in the event of an emergency.
Alcudia, Spain

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