The current Manhattan Cruise Terminal was originally constructed in 1935. To facilitate the increasingly larger cruise vessels, New York City initiated renovations of Pier 88. Turner Construction renovated the facility and ADELTE delivered a total of 4 passenger boarding bridges.
Four mobile passenger boarding bridges. Each construction have a fixed entrance tunnel from the terminal to the rear gantry and two longitudinal tunnels along the seaside. From the front movable cabin a telescopic boarding pod with covered platform provides direct access to the cruise vessel entrance. Each bridge will be equipped with an electromechanical drive system in order to move the construction along the wharf. This system consists of bogies with rubber wheels and a motor with a safety brake. Furthermore, each bridge will be equipped with PLC. Its height of approximately 4.6 meters allows different kinds of vehicles to pass underneath the construction. These bridges will meet all required safety standards and will comply with ADA and NFPA regulations.
Manhattan, New York, USA

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