Rotterdam Port Authority upgraded the cruise terminal in Rotterdam and awarded ADELTE a contract to supply a KRONUS Passenger Boarding Bridge which replaced the old system installed in 1997. Rotterdam is increasingly gaining importance as a popular home port and port of call. A short delivery term, superior design and technology and an excellent service were key for winning this contract.
The three telescopic tunnel sections of this KRONUS PBB enable it to extend and retract from 25.8 m up to 46 m, resulting in a very large service window. This PBB involves also a 19 m long fixed tunnel, a rotunda and a movable elevation gantry able to relocate on the quay to give the PBB access to different vessels’ door positions. It is equipped with ADELTE’s state-of-the-art active docking cabin, which is able to follow automatically all ships’ movements and safely undock in case of an emergency. The PBB is designed to have as much natural light as possible, being fully glazed and having translucent shutters both at cabin and Rotunda. All the design has been developed in order to respect the architectural heritage of Rotterdam Cruise Terminal.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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