Unique and highly effective auxiliary unit to supply
preconditioned air to stationed aircrafts

The CONSUS is specially designed for supplying preconditioned air to stationed aircraft that require an extension of hose to reach PCA inlet connectors. Facilitates ease of operation by staff at the airport platform.

Ease Of Operation
Ease of operation

Designed for ergonomic and effortless handling of the hose by a single person, making the service fast, safe and user-friendly.

Compact And Mobile Design
Compact and mobile design

The compact design of the auxiliary hose retriever makes it easy to move on the tarmac and to store.

Hose Protection & Durability
Hose protection & durability

The expensive PCA hose material is well protected and ready to be deployed for the next flight.

Low-cost Maintenance
Low-cost maintenance

Does not require an automatic hose-retrieval system, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Auxiliary Hose Retriever Components

ADELTE’s CONSUS enhances handling operations at the airport platform allowing fast
and easy connection of the PCA to the stationed aircraft.

1.080 mm
850 mm
1.110 mm
105 kg
Made of cold-rolled tube
Four wheels of 125 mm, of which two have brakes
Compact reel. Handles up to 70 feet of hose
Hose dimensions:
60 feet long. Ø 14 inches
Standard. Ø 8 inches
Hose connection:
Simple outlet
Handrail at the rear for manipulating the trolley and placing it in the desired position

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