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Today airports are increasingly committed to providing a better service for passengers and carriers. New technologies can revolutionize their capacity, enhancing passenger experience and boosting operational efficiency from the apron to the terminal. ADELTE is developing a series of integrated tools that take airport operations to the next level, bringing smart technology to the challenge of running busy airport terminals.


  • baggage_cart_management_system

    Baggage Cart Management System

    ServiKart represents a new way to visualize and maintain an airport’s baggage cart inventory across all terminals, car parks and designated passenger areas.

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  • baggage_cart_dispenser_airport

    Baggage Cart Dispenser

    ServiKart Baggage Cart Dispenser is an intuitive and versatile solution offering a variety of payment or refund options.

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  • apronaut_pbb_docking_simulator

    PBB Docking Simulator

    Using Apronaut, airports can ensure that all operators are ready to dock PBBs without risking time and money by tying up vital PBB equipment.

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