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Auxiliary Hose Retriever | CONSUS

Auxiliary Hose Retriever Trolley for Preconditioned Air (PCA)

The CONSUS is specially designed for supplying preconditioned air to stationed aircraft that require an extension of hose to reach PCA inlet connectors. Facilitates ease of operation by staff at the airport platform.

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  • Compact and mobile design

    The compact design of the auxiliary hose retriever makes it easy to move on the tarmac and to store.
  • Hose protection and durability

    Once coiled by the CONSUS, the expensive PCA hose material is well protected and ready to be deployed for the next flight.
  • Low-cost maintenance

    Does not require an automatic hose-retrieval system, thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • Ease of operation & User-friendly equipment

    Designed for ergonomic and effortless handling of the hose by a single person, making the service faster, safer and more user-friendly than with any other conventional system by avoiding the need to drag metres of hose across the tarmac.