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Ground Support Equipment – GSE

ADELTE provides airports with advanced Ground Support Equipment (GSE) specially designed to significantly enhance operational performance on the ramp and around the Passenger Boarding Bridge.


  • preaconditioned_air_airport_zephir

    Preconditioned Air Unit | ZEPHIR

    ZEPHIR Series preconditioned air units are specially designed for heating and cooling stationed aircrafts and are suitable for all climatic conditions.

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  • preconditioned_air_unit_inverter_zephir

    Preconditioned Air Unit | ZEPHIR Inverter

    ZEPHIR Inverter Series are engineered to deliver optimum airflow to each aircraft with an increased efficiency of up to 35% while consuming the minimum energy.

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  • auxiliary_hose_retriever_consus

    Auxiliary Hose Retriever | CONSUS

    CONSUS Auxiliary Hose Trolleys are especially designed for the provision of pre-conditioned air to stationed aircrafts needing a hose extension to reach PCA inlet connectors.

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  • automatic_hose_retriever_fontus

    Potable Water Supply System | FONTUS

    FONTUS potable water supply system provides reliability and consistency in the delivery of potable water to a stationed aircraft.

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