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Innovation is in ADELTE’s DNA.
We believe that constant dedication to R&D&I is crucial for delivering the best possible solutions and providing better service to our clients around the world.
At ADELTE, innovation is a cross-company discipline and a key element to our competitiveness. All our employees take pride in participating and finding new and creative solutions to generate value for our clients, partners and suppliers.
Creating and patenting new designs and cutting-edge technological applications, as well as continuously improving our products and services enable ADELTE to deliver unique solutions to any Passenger Airport or Seaport Terminal.



  • Docking simulator for Airport and Seaport PBBs

  • Autonomous cooling system for aircraft climate control

  • KRONUS Passenger Boarding Bridge

  • THALASSA Passenger Boarding Bridge

  • Docking cabin with the capability of servicing mega cruise vessels with externally overhanging lifeboats.


  • ADELTE Airport Technologies

    HONG KONG (2013-2014)

    5 HYDRA SPBBs installed at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. Listed as the largest in the world, with five tunnels and weighing circa 190 metric tons each. Largest Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge project in the history.

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  • Cape May lewes Passenger Boarding Bridges

    CAPE MAY & LEWES (2013)

    2 THALASSA SPBBs, one at Cape May and one at Lewes, able to service both sides of the pier at the same time. At each terminal, a single ADELTE PBB substitutes the previous two systems, thus freeing space on the pier and enabling more efficient logistic operations and shorter turnarounds.

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  • Passenger Boarding Bridge Baltimore

    BALTIMORE (2011)

    Innovative version of the KRONUS type SPBB, transforming the traditional fixed column and building connection in a mobile module, able to locate anywhere along the cruise terminal.

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  • ADELTE Airport Technologies

    HAMBURG (2010)

    Longest KRONUS type Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge ever built, with a 3-section telescopic tunnel able to extend from 25 m to 49 m.

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  • ADELTE Ports & Maritime

    KIEL (2010)

    Highest Passenger Boarding Bridge in the world, with a column height of 16 m, a service height of 22 m and a 3-section telescopic tunnel able to extend up to 45 m.

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  • ADELTE Ingenieria del Transporte

    TURIN (1995)

    First design of a fully glazed Airport Passenger Boarding Bridge.

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