In Portugal, more specifically the capital city of Lisbon, the company SOTECNICA acquired a passenger boarding bridge from ADELTE for Lisbon Airport. The contract was signed and the delivery was made in 1996.

This PTT-175/245-2D type passenger boarding bridge, has a smooth rectangular design finish, rounded edges and stainless steel guide tracks. Its interior is made up of a rubber covered floor, grooved rubber flooring, fluorescent lighting, guide tracks in the lower corners and high pressure shaped panelling in stainless steel. The lifting and traction mechanisms have an electrical activation system, and the passenger boarding bridge also comes with a reinforced concrete foundation anchoring system. These are complements which are included with this passenger boarding bridge, in addition to the preparation of cable rewind system and 400 Hz cable and lower support for services. The minimum docking height is 1.9 metres and the unit has a continuous power supply system.

Lisbon, Portugal