About the project

San Diego, home port to Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises decided in early 2009 to invest in a new state-of-the art terminal building on Broadway Pier, next to B Street Pier where a cruise terminal was built years ago. The terminal building is constructed by Jaynes Corporation. ADELTE was awarded in June 2009 a contract for the required Passenger Boarding Bridge to allow boarding and disembarking via the second level of the terminal building.
The SEDNA PBB will be equipped with motor driven solid tyres to move along the whole dock. Electro-mechanically powered elevation systems allow the PBB to connect with cruise ship entry doors at various levels. The boarding bridge is built completely according to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. its length will be more than 40 meters and the cabin of the PBB is equipped with a uniquely integrated hydraulic, telescopic, docking ramp that, when attached to the side of a cruise ship automatically follows the vessel’s movements and will immediately undock in the event of an emergency.
San Diego, USA

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