Ship-to-shore gangway allowing comfortable and safe boarding where no terminal building or fixed elevated walkway exists

The Cruise and Ferry industries are facing tougher challenges every day. Cruise and Ferry ships are increasing in size and passenger volumes are continuously rising. And as passengers increasingly demand better service, port authorities and operators need to adopt sophisticated passenger facilities and logistics, and to comply with ever stricter safety and security regulations. Attention must be paid to every detail to ensure fast turnaround times, cost-effective operations and safe and secure passenger embarkation and de-embarkation. At ADELTE we believe in creating the best boarding experience for cruise and ferry passengers: because first impressions make a difference.

No Building Needed
No building needed

in design, manufacturing and maintenance of SPBBs for Cruise & Ferry Terminals

Safe & Easy Access
Safe & easy access

At the forefront of Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge innovation

Easy Operations
Easy Operations

80% of the World TOP10 Cruise homeports operate ADELTE’s SPBBs

Full Customizable
Full Customizable

More than 130 Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges installed worldwide

ARGOS Gangway Components & Optional Features

ADELTE’s custom-built Gangways cover all cruise and ferry terminal configurations, allow safe and easy docking operations and deliver easy access for all passengers. Their unique design, advanced automation technology

ARGOS Gangways specifications

Unique Concept

ARGOS is uniquely designed for passenger terminal operators who wish to offer cruise vessels and ferry lines a safe and comfortable passenger transit from ship to pier level and vice versa.

Smart & Safe

ARGOS is equipped with an electro-mechanical elevation system, a hydraulically powered boarding ramp, sensors and a PLC, which all contribute to smart, safe and secure boarding operations. ARGOS complies with most international regulations such as the EN-12312-4.

Easy and Efficient Operations

ARGOS is designed according to the latest technological innovations. The gangway can easily be moved to any location on the quay and can be perfectly adapted to ship door configurations. Once connected, it automatically follows the ship movements and adjusts to tidal ranges.


With a maximum and minimum docking height of respectively 9.5 and 1.1 meters over the quay, ARGOS enables a perfect service envelop for a large variety of cruise and ferry vessels, including those with overhanging lifeboats.

Easy access for people with reduced mobility

Non-skid flooring, handrails and wide walkway sections for simultaneous embarking and disembarking, make ARGOS ideal for passengers with reduced mobility.

Standard Design & Optional Features

The standard ARGOS design includes a power generator, handrails, lighting, non-skid flooring and solid rubber tires. Optional features such as self-propulsion, tunnel cover, remote control, hurricane tie-downs and a variety of finishes are available.

Durability and Ease of Maintenance

Quality is a must. All materials are tested for maritime conditions and the manufacturing process is certified in order to guarantee durability. Maintenance tasks can be carried out fast and easy thanks to TEAM’s direct access design.


TURIN (1995)

First design of a fully glazed Airport Passenger Boarding Bridge. This innovative project features glass sides, round corners and stainless steel guides. All windows are double-glazed to ensure improved thermal insulation and prevent condensation.

KIEL (2010)

Highest Passenger Boarding Bridge in the world, with a column height of 16 m, a service height of 22 m and a 3-section telescopic tunnel able to extend up to 45 m.

HAMBURG (2010)

Longest KRONUS type Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge ever built, with a 3-section telescopic tunnel able to extend from 25 m to 49 m.


Innovative version of the KRONUS type SPBB, transforming the traditional fixed column and building connection in a mobile module, able to locate anywhere along the cruise terminal.


2 THALASSA SPBBs, one at Cape May and one at Lewes, able to service both sides of the pier at the same time. At each terminal, a single ADELTE PBB substitutes the previous two systems, thus freeing space on the…

HONG KONG (2013-2014)

5 HYDRA SPBBs installed at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. Listed as the largest in the world, with five tunnels and weighing circa 190 metric tons each. Largest Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge project in the history.