About the project

Following the delivery in 2002 of two Pegasus boarding bridges, ADELTE was in 2006 again contracted by the ODEP (Office de Développement et d’Exploitation des Ports), the managing authority of the Port of Nador, to deliver two Pegasus passenger boarding bridges for its Ferry terminal in Nador. The two moveable units cover each side of the terminal and facilitate the diverse range of vessels of the Ferry operators with routes to Alicante and Almeria in Spain, and Sète in France.
Two completely movable passenger boarding bridges with half open/half glazed tunnels, equipped with a telescopic element to provide the link with the docking door of the Ferry ships and a ramp to link with the hall of the terminal. The bridges use a hydraulic lifting system and its wheels slide along the rails in the quay.
Port of Nador, Morocco