About the project

The Brisbane Cruise Terminal has been developed by Multiplex Ltd. as part of an integrated residential and retail development, known as ‘Portside Wharf’, on the East Coast of Australia and owned by the Queensland Government. In May 2005 Multiplex contracted ADELTE to design and deliver a completely mobile passenger boarding bridge, perpendicular to the terminal and capable of facilitating a wide variety of cruise vessels. On 29th August 2006, the Brisbane Cruise Terminal was officially opened.
Completely movable passenger boarding bridge equipped with turnable solid wheels which enables the bridge to be moved along the wharf. This bridge has its dome shaped roof section covered with flexible transparent polycarbonate and is equipped with a telescopic element to provide the link with the docking door of the cruise ship and a ramp to link with the hall of the terminal. The bridge uses an electromechanical lifting system.
Brisbane, Australia

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