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The alabama Cruise Terminal in Mobile, has since its inauguration in 2004 been homeport to the Carnival Holiday, a cruise ship with capacity 1600 passengers. In 2008 Carnival decided to replace the Carnival Holiday in November 2009 for the Carnival Fantasy, a larger, 2052 passenger ship. ADELTE was contracted in February 2009 to design an aDa compliant completely mobile HYDRA PBB. The inauguration of the PBB took place in November 2009.
This HYDRA Passenger Boarding Bridge, equipped with 14 motor driven solid tyres can move along the whole dock. Electro-mechanically powered elevation systems allow the PBB to connect with cruise ship entry doors at various levels. The boarding bridge is built completely according to americans with Disabilities act (aDa) guidelines and its glass mounted tunnel sections and air-conditioning significantly enhances comfort for the boarding and disembarking of cruise guests, of all ages.
Mobile, USA

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