About the project

ADELTE recently signed a contract with the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) to improve boarding operations at Jinnah International Airport, Pakistan’s largest international and domestic airport, next to the city of Karachi.
The contract includes the dismantling & disposal of the 12 old PBBs and the design, manufacture and installation of 18 new electromechanical glass-sided Apron Drive models, along with 12 walkways and 30 rooftops also designed and manufactured by ADELTE. To complete this gate solution, ADELTE will also deliver 12 innovative PCAs ZEPHIR (45T and 90T) of its GSE range. The new Passenger Boarding Bridges and Ground Support Equipment will serve a wide range of aircraft, adapting perfectly to the current and future needs of airlines operating at Karachi and will offer maximum safety and comfort for over 16 million passengers traveling to/from Karachi annually.
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan