ADELTE designed a project for the Cayenne Airport in Rochambeau, French Guyana, as the result of an agreement signed in April 1996 to supply two passenger boarding bridges that were mounted in January 1997 and commissioned in February that same year.

The solution provided to the Cayenne Airport consisted of two telescoping passenger boarding bridges of the Apron Drive 2D (two decreasing sections) type. The larger section is adjacent to the building, with the smaller section joining the bridge to the aircraft. One particular feature of the project was that the passenger boarding bridges were fitted with equipment suitable for tropical environments. The exterior of the boarding bridges have a smooth finish, rounded edges and stainless steel guides. The interior finish consisted of panelling and grooved rubber flooring. The bridges are equipped with air conditioners. The boarding bridges were anchored in a concrete foundation and include Hurricane Tie-downs system. The drive and lifting mechanisms are electromechanically operated.
Cayenne, Guyane Francaise