About the project

In 1998 we installed two passenger boarding bridges in the airport of Bergamo Oriol Al Serio, following the agreement which was reached with SACBO, of the SEA group.
The solution provided took the form of the manufacture, installation and maintenance of 2 telescopic passenger boarding bridges with Apron Drive type aircraft access, two - section increasing metal structures, one of the models a PBB- 175/275-2CS and the other model a PBB-205/325-2CS measuring 27.5 and 32.5 metres in length respectively. Both units have a smooth, rectangular exterior design. Their interior is equipped with various accessories such as a buttoned rubber floor, stainless steel guide tracks, fluorescent lighting and high pressure shaped panels. The lifting and traction mechanisms have an electric activation system. In addition, the passenger boarding bridges have been fitted with 400 Hz - 120 KvA equipment, a drinking water system to supply the aircraft and a laser type optical guidance system for docking to make parking aircraft on the runway easier. Air conditioning is also supplied to the aircraft (PCA).
Aeroporto di Bergamo
Orio al Serio, Italy