In February 2000, IAA-BGN 2000 awarded the contract for 24 passenger boarding bridges for the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel-Aviv and the delivery will be carried out in August 2002. These 24 passenger boarding bridges are divided into various models, 8 units of the model type PTT-265/430-2C, another 8 units of the model PTT-245/400-2C, 3 of the model PTT- 220/365, 3 of the model PTT-190/315-2C and the 2 remaining models divided between the models PTT-190/135-2C and PTT-165/260-2C. Along with this delivery, 20 pre-passenger boarding aircraft access bridges were installed and 37 air conditioning units to supply aircraft.
Their exterior finish will be smooth and rectangular in design, while in their interior, the cabin floor will be covered in Altro, carpeted floor covering, fluorescent lighting, ventilation equipment and high pressure shaped panelling. These will also be complemented with a drinking water system, preparation for 400 Hz and a continuous power supply system. Both the lifting and traction mechanism activation system are electrical.
Tel-Aviv, Israel