ADELTE reached an agreement with the Société Auxiliare d’Enterprise d’Auvergne in October of 1998 to supply two passenger boarding bridges to the airport of Clermont-Ferrand. The project was designed for the docking of the boarding units in gates 1L and 3L of terminal A. The units were delivered in March of 2000.
ADELTE delivered two Apron Drive glass – sided, two – section decreasing passenger boarding bridges, model PTT-220/330- 2DA measuring 33 metres in length. With a minimum docking height, these units have the latest features available on the market. The exterior, totally glass surfaced, lets passengers enjoy the view as they move through the passenger boarding bridge. In addition, the units have blunt edges and stainless steel guide tracks in the lower corners. The passenger boarding bridges, anchored in reinforced concrete, have an electrically activated lifting and traction mechanism system. The passenger boarding bridges also have a 400 Hz cable rewind system installed, lower support for 400Hz services and a continuous power supply system.
Aulnat, France