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Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges – Gangways

The Cruise and Ferry industries are facing tougher challenges every day. Cruise and Ferry ships are increasing in size and passenger volumes are continuously rising. And as passengers increasingly demand better service, port authorities and operators need to adopt sophisticated passenger facilities and logistics, and to comply with ever stricter safety and security regulations. Attention must be paid to every detail to ensure fast turnaround times, cost-effective operations and safe and secure passenger embarkation and de-embarkation. At ADELTE we believe in creating the best boarding experience for cruise and ferry passengers: because first impressions make a difference.
Our complete line of highly effective, tailor-made Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges and Gangways enables direct access from ship to shore, elevated walkway or terminal building and vice-versa, taking care of your most important asset: your Cruise guests and Ferry passengers.
In order to deliver successful turnkey projects, ADELTE controls every aspect, from top to bottom, of the design, manufacture, installation, training, operation, maintenance, refurbishment and spare-parts distribution for its complete range of solutions.
This unique, fully integrated approach makes ADELTE a global partner which not only has the know-how, the experience and the resources to supply on-time, high quality, efficient and reliable Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges and Gangways, but also enables cruise lines, ferry lines and terminal operators to provide passengers with a superior boarding experience, reduce operational costs and enhance logistic flows.



  • HYDRA Passenger Boarding Bridge


    Mobile single-structure Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge for maximum flexibility in operation and service range

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  • SEDNA Passenger Boarding Bridge


    Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges composed of several steel structures that support the tunnel sections – particularly suitable for narrow berths.

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  • KRONUS Passenger Boarding Bridge


    Telescopic Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge fixed at the terminal building end allowing elevation and radial drive.

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  • THALASSA Passenger Boarding Bridge


    Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridges with fixed elevation columns – particularly suitable for ferry terminals or ports without pier infrastructure.

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  • PEGASUS Passenger Boarding Bridge


    Single-structure Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge with one tunnel perpendicular to the berthing line.

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  • CENTAURUS Passenger Boarding Bridge


    Movable or fixed single structure Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge particularly suitable for ferry terminals serving one type of vessel.

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  • ARGOS Passenger Boarding Bridge Gangway

    ARGOS Gangway

    Ship-to-shore gangway allowing comfortable and safe boarding where no terminal building or fixed elevated walkway exists.

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ADELTE’s comprehensive range of custom-built Passenger Boarding Bridges covers all cruise and ferry terminal configurations, allows safe and easy docking operations and delivers a superior passenger boarding experience. Their unique design, advanced automated technology and high quality components make ADELTE’s Passenger Boarding Bridges the right choice for any PBB project in the world.
  • Tailor-made to clients needs

    Unique Design

    Each Ferry and Cruise Terminal is unique and deserves the solution that best fits its particular needs. Our Passenger Boarding Bridges are totally custom-designed by an experienced team of engineers and designers who take multiple variables into consideration: architectural requirements, berth layouts and load strengths, tidal ranges, vessel type, port operational logistics, climate conditions, etc. Tell us your needs and we will design the optimal PBB for you.
  • Versatility

    ADELTE’s elevation and translation technologies, associated with a sophisticated active-docking cabin, enable our Passenger Boarding Bridges to fit the different door positions of vessels and to dock a large variety of cruise and ferry vessels, including those with overhanging lifeboats.

    Low operating costs

  • Fast, precise and secure docking maneuvers

    Integral Safety System

    Equipped with multiple sensors, PLC-based control system, safety auto-undocking procedure, redundant electrical and mechanical systems, and a seismic, strong wind and fire-resistant design, ADELTE’s Passenger Boarding Bridges provide total safety for people (passengers and operators) and structures (ships and terminal buildings) and comply with up-to-date worldwide safety and security standards.
  • Optimum Comfort & Easy Access for all

    We strongly believe that the moment a passenger enters one of our advanced boarding bridges they begin their journey. Therefore, design and successful technical conception are vital, with aspects like a comfortable tunnel gradient, handrails, non-skid flooring, significant thermal and acoustic insulation, hinged ramps with flat surfaces or wide tunnels for bi-directional passenger flows making a qualitative difference to a passenger’s perception of the service provided.
  • Superior product quality & reliability

    Superior Quality & Durability

    Quality is a must. All our Passenger Boarding Bridges are designed for an operational lifespan of 20 years. The structure is made of high quality steel and receives paint protection which ensures the highest durability in marine environments. All materials are tested and the manufacturing process is certified in order to guarantee outstanding reliability.
  • Port traffic and logistics integrated design

    ADELTE’s unique design guarantees that wharf logistic operations around and under the PBB can be realized in optimum conditions without any structure interference.
    Outstanding safety and comfort for passengers
  • Superior product quality & reliability

    Ease of Maintenance

    Maintenance tasks can be carried out quickly and easily thanks to ADELTE’s design which allows direct access to all critical system components.


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