Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport

Apron Drive Passenger Boarding Bridge

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Tehran, Iran


At the end of 2001, we supplied fourteen passenger boarding bridges to Tehran, the capital of Iran. This project was awarded by IKIA, Iman Khomeini International Airport in January 2000.


These passenger boarding bridges are divided into 2 models, six of the units are of the model type PTT-220/360-2C and eight of the model PTT-235/378-2C. The exterior finish of the passenger boarding bridges is smooth, rectangular design and with stainless steel guide tracks, and the interior is made up of a buttoned rubber floor covering, fluorescent lighting, ventilation equipment, stainless steel guide tracks in the lower corner and high pressure shaped panelling. The lifting mechanism activation system is hydraulic while the traction activation system is electrical. These passenger boarding bridges, with 1.6 meters minimum docking height also come with preparation, lower support for services, cable rewind and cable for 400 Hz.