Marseille Ferry Terminal

PEGASUS Passenger Boarding Bridge

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Marseille, France
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Marseille Fos Port Authority is currently constructing a new ferry berth with elevated walkway leading to a terminal building. ADELTE was contracted in 2012 to one PEGASUS PBB in 2013 with an option to deliver another unit in 2014. The PBB will have three telescoping tunnels, which is unique for a PEGASUS design. Furthermore the PBB will be equipped with the latest technologies in remote control.


The PEGASUS will be the most advanced PBB of this type ever developed by ADELTE. This PBB shall have three telescopic bodies which can automatically follow the ship’s movements and ensure that a load not greater than 5T is applied to the ship door. This PBB will be equipped with an innovative mooring system coupled with mechanical resettable hooks and a mechanical driven access gate. in order to achieve a high service speed, a unique prepositioning system will be integrated so that the PBB is programmed to automatically position for the next vessel.