Genoa – Cruise Terminal Ponte dei Mille

SEDNA Passenger Boarding Bridge

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Genoa, Italy
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Stazioni Marittime SpA in Genoa contracted ADELTE in 2011 to deliver a SEDNA PBB at one of the cruise ship berths of the historical Maritime Station of Ponte dei Mille. The PBB will be connected with the terrace of the cruise terminal building. The challenge of this project is to create a PBB which can serve a variety of cruise ship vessels including ships with overhanging lifeboats. Expected delivery will be in 2014.


This SEDNA PBB is able to accommodate a great range of cruise ships adapting both to their longitudinal and vertical door positions. The main challenge of the project has been defining a boarding system that could run over the old terrace of the historical Ponte Di Mille terminal and which enables sufficient clearance for the overhanging live boats of some of the newest mega cruise vessels. The result is a compact and light PBB that spread the dead ends service loads as much as possible in order to run smoothly along the old infrastructure ensuring always passenger safety and comfort.