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ServiKart Baggage Cart Dispenser

Intuitive and versatile solution offering a variety of payment or refund options for the supply of Baggage Carts

The ServiKart Baggage Cart Dispenser allows airports to deliver first class service to passengers from the parking zone to the embarkation gate, while improving passenger flow and ensuring significant additional revenues. The ServiKart Dispenser unit is the ideal system for airports that want to provide a self-service and flexible payment or deposit solution to users, ensuring that the baggage carts are orderly and are always available when required.
Highly intuitive, the large touch-screen interface guides the user through a few simple steps. Once the fee or deposit is paid, the baggage cart can be taken. The cart return process is equally as easy.
The ServiKart Baggage Cart Dispenser is designed to operate trolleys from most manufacturers and can be fully integrated with the already well-known ServiKart Management System.

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  • Attractive Design

    The Dispenser’s unique design allows good visibility from a distance and requires little floor space for installation. A wide range of colors is available for customising the structure.
  • Universal cart adapter

    The ServiKart cart adapter is designed to be used with most cart brands and models, so airports do not need to renew their carts when installing the solution.
  • Unlimited number of carts

    The system is engineered to manage up to four lines of an unlimited number of carts and can therefore be perfectly adapted to any terminal configuration.
  • Suitable for all passengers

    A multi-language interface, multi-currency and several payment options are available: credit card, coins, bills and customer cards.
  • User-friendly interface

    The 17” touch screen offers a highly intuitive interface which guides users through a few easy steps for the pickup and return of the cart.
  • High-quality materials

    The ServiKart Vending system is made of a high-quality steel structure and robust and reliable cart guidance with rail profile and cart adapter. It can be used inside or outside the terminal.
  • Personalized configuration

    The amount required for cart use and the activation of the refund function, among other features, are freely configurable.
  • Integrated Security System

    In addition to a robust construction and mechanical locking of the cash box, an alarm system is integrated into each unit and instantly alerts the operator if someone attempts to open it.