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ServiKart Baggage Cart Management System

Give your airport and passengers a state-of-the-art, full-featured and cost-savings Baggage Cart Management System

The ServiKart innovative system, developed for airports to improve customer care and reduce operational spending without charging passengers for a traditionally complimentary value-added service. Our combined hardware and software system is engineered to deliver 100% accurate tracking and location data for each cart inside and outside the airport passenger terminal – in real time. By enabling carts with an RFID tag that communicates both actively and passively with the ServiKart server via “exciters” and a Wi-Fi network, airports improve the customer experience and drastically reduce costs associated with baggage carts.

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  • Improve passenger flow

    Software customized to ensure fluid passenger flow, especially during peak hours and in high traffic zones.
  • Hire 30% fewer staff

    Advanced, motorized cart return systems speed up processes and reduce workplace injuries.
  • Zero theft

    Airports with the ServiKart system and an exciter located at exits and parking gates can realistically target a 100% loss prevention rate.
  • Airport shops sell more

    With carry-on luggage securely placed in smaller push carts, travelers are free to comfortably explore airport shops and purchase gifts or duty-free items.
  • User-friendly software

    Detailed, color coded and attractive maps make the graphic interface simple to use.
  • Carts can be monetized

    Strategically placed, revenue-generating advertising panels do not annoy passengers, unlike other pay cart systems.
  • Top-quality Baggage Carts

    ServiKart offers a wide range of high quality baggage carts. Durable and attractive carts are available with or without brakes, for use on passenger conveyors, with or without advertisement monetization space, etc.
  • Complete maintenance

    ServiKart offers complete maintenance packages, from replacing batteries in the tag to servicing wheels and braking systems.