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APRONAUT Docking Simulator

The innovative solution to ensure safe and successful Passenger Boarding Bridge Docking each and every time

APRONAUT is the world’s first software-based Passenger Boarding Bridge docking simulator. It is designed for safe and comprehensive real-time training of new and experienced PBB operators and covers multiple docking situations. The solution allows operators-in-training to become confident and familiar with the apron environment, the docking and undocking of aircrafts and the necessary PBB operations protocol. Its rich multimedia and interactive experience provides a virtual environment where an individual can make mistakes without consequences. ADELTE’s patented simulator is custom made to conform to the specific airport where it is used, including the taxiway configuration, and for all types of aircraft in operation.

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  • 100% Risk Reduction

    APRONAUT successfully trains staff without risking expensive equipment.
  • Fast Training

    A large number of simulations can be carried out in a short period of time.
  • Multitude of Situations

    A wide variety of situations can be simulated, providing the most complete Passenger Boarding Bridge training possible.
  • All Types of Aircraft

    APRONAUT allows docking simulations with any type of airplane.
  • Improving Experienced PBB Operators

    APRONAUT is also useful for helping experienced staff to improve specific aspects of their driving skills.
  • Rapid Assimilation of Procedures

    APRONAUT facilitates continuous practice of docking and undocking operations, which leads to rapid assimilation by staff of the PBB drive procedures, from the activation of the Visual Guide Docking System to the connection of the PBB with the aircraft.
  • Detailed Reports

    APRONAUT generates detailed reports that show the results of all docking operations carried out in the past, including statistics.
  • Exclusive Access for Trainers

    APRONAUT gives the trainer rapid access to all trainee performance data, so that the individual level of each trainee can be determined.