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Preconditioned Air Unit (PCA) – ZEPHIR Inverter

Preconditioned Air Unit Point-of-Use / Stand or Bridge Mounted

The ZEPHIR Inverter Series provide the most efficient, flexible and reliable way to deliver high quality preconditioned air on demand, for a wide variety of stationed aircraft in all climatic conditions.

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  • High efficiency and low operations costs

    ZEPHIR Inverter Series are designed and engineered to deliver optimum airflow to each aircraft, with an increased efficiency of up to 35% using two inverter compressors four phases and high quality direct drive centrifugal blower (VFD), while consuming the minimum energy.
  • Heating and cooling Inverter technology

    ADELTE’s PCA Inverter is designed for cooling and heating stationed aircrafts. In heating mode, no electrical resistor is needed as a Heat Pump is integrated to the system which results in a much lower electrical power consumption.
  • Environmentally-friendly refrigerants

    ZEPHIR PCAs uses R-410A refrigerant which respects the environment and the future generation to come. Its high efficiency significantly reduces refrigerant load and CO2 emissions.
  • Ease of installation

    ZEPHIR PCAs are point-of-use units which can fit any layout platform and can be installed on any passenger boarding bridge. They are available in both ground-mounted and bridge-mounted configurations and are prepared to be connected to a centralized management system.
  • Durability and ease of maintenance

    Quality is a must. All components are designed, manufactured and tested in order to offer a service life of at least 15 years. Maintenance tasks can be carried out fast and easy on any component inside the unit thanks to ADELTE’s direct access design. Remote maintenance and monitoring are available to enhance PCA operations.
  • Smart PLC control

    ZEPHIR PCA is designed according the latest technologies. The PLC can be accessed remotely o via its user-friendly touch screen interface allowing operators to control all parameters of the PCA during operations, monitoring or maintenance phases.
  • Superior passenger comfort

    Conceived to provide passengers with an outstanding experience, ZEPHIR PCA uses air sensors and G4 filters (F5 to F9 filters optional) to supply high quality air inside the aircraft and reinforced thermo acoustic insulation for significant noise reduction.