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Potable Water Supply | FONTUS

‘One-pit-stop’ quality water supply unit for mounting on the PBB

FONTUS is a Potable Water Supply System providing reliability and consistency in the supply of quality water to stationed aircraft in all climate conditions.

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  • Adaptable / Flexible

    Multiple bridge or ground mounting configurations are available for flexibility of use with any Passenger Boarding Bridge or apron specification.
  • High quality equipment

    Manufactured in painted steel or rugged A304 stainless steel cabinets to ensure long lifespan.
  • All-climate design

    FONTUS is designed to be used in all climate conditions with working temperatures ranging from -20ºC to +60ºC. The cabinet is also isulated, equipped with an anti-freeze system, and a heating resistor for cold weather.
  • Easy-access design

    A double-hinged door provides direct access to all components inside the FONTUS for easy operation and maintenance tasks.
  • User-friendly equipment

    Designed for ergonomic and effortless handling of up to 164 feet of hose, making the service faster and more user-friendly than with any other conventional equipment. The electric roll and unroll system is remotely controlled.
  • High-quality water

    An additional outlet enables connection for water recirculation, preventing the formation of bacteria in high-temperature conditions. Also included is a 50 micron filter hosing and backflow preventer.
    The food quality hose complies with European Directive 2007/19/EC.